Industrial Garbage Drum (Sulo)

Reinforced base

  • Ensures stability even when fully loaded
  • Very stable wheel assemblies
  • Reinforced base, front and rear panels for greater stability

Nilvac Enterprises brings Industrial garbage drums in Pakistan. They are 4 wheeled bin systems. Resistant to decay, frost, heat and many chemicals. They are available with a comprehensive range of accessories. We use high quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing process. This ensures durability and long service life. All container parts are recyclable. The metal components are corrosion resistant. The solid rubber tyres ensure quiet movement. Additives are cadmium free and environment friendly. The bins are easy to clean due to the smooth and rounded internal corners.

The lids are stable and light-weight. They have adjustable spring support system. This ensures the highest degree of safety for children by preventing the accidental closing of the lid. The rounded lid profile ensures easy dispersal of rainwater.

Safety & Handling:

  • Various wheel assembly configurations for different purposes
  • Compatible with identification and weighing systems
  • The wide lifting trunnions offer improved safety while lifting. This comes in handy when lifting awkward loads.
  • The grip handles on all sides ensure safety and easy handling, even with heavy loads.
  • User friendly foot pedals on the front wheels lock the bin in position
  • Directional locks are ideal for use with towing equipment
  • Reinforced base, front and rear panels for greater stability
  • Stable even when fully loaded.
  • Containers do not jam because of the special ribs when stacked together.
  • Domed lid has unique opening mechanism. It reduces wind problems while emptying.

The industrial dustbins have been certified with the highest standards of functionality and quality.  They are available in various colors including grey, blue, green, brown. The different sizes are 660 litres and 1100 litres.

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Sulo 1100 Liters