Messy Floors, dusty windows & dirty bathrooms ruin customer’s experience and destroy the image you have managed to build with your marketing efforts. This ultimately, leads to loss of business. Taking the time to clean properly will prevent those issues & keep customers coming back to you. We bring a comprehensive floor cleaning equipment buying guide which will ease out the process substantially.

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Central Vacuum System by Nilvac Enterprises

Nilvac Enterprises brings Centralized vacuum System – A MODERN DAY CLEANING CONCEPT. A central vacuum system stores all the heavy machinery OUT OF THE HOUSE, either in the garage or outside, so you don’t have to listen to the loud whine of the motor. It transports all dust collected, outside of your house into a separate storage space. The deep clean central vacuum installations keeps your home/Factory/Commerical Work Spaces look neat and tidy. It collects the microscopic dust elements, providing you with GERMS AND BACTERIA FREE ENVIRONMENT..—-Get in touch—-+923212500266+923333180671.—–Visit our website to know more details——Follow us on Instagram—–Like us on Facebook— #VacuumCleaners #Clean #Cleaning #Cleanhouse #Cleaningservice #cleanup #Cleanhome #Cleanhomehappyhome #cleanhomes #Vacuums #vacuumpose #vacuuming #moderncleaning

Posted by Nilvac Enterprises on Friday, November 23, 2018

Nobody wants to spend their free time cleaning the house. Most of us vacuum with the standard movable unit. But have you ever thought of installing a central vacuum system in your home? Central vacuum systems are becoming more common. They are powerful, efficient & less noisy than traditional vacuum cleaners. According to a recent […]

Do you want all the high traffic surfaces in your home to be non-stick? Nilvac Enterprises brings Enduroshield which is an invisible, non-stick coating. Enduroshield saves 90% of your cleaning time. No more scrubbing and no toxic chemicals; one simple application will help you in all your cleaning needs.

Do you have pesky pigeons landing on or around your house? Are you tired of cleaning your car everyday from bird droppings? Is the façade of your beautiful house lined with bird feathers and droppings? If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions, please read on.