SS Dustbin 8-30 L

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To maintain excellent quality standards, Nilvac Enterprises brings quality range of Stainless Steel Dustbins. We offer dustbins in various sizes such as 5lrt, 8ltr, 12ltr, 20ltr, and 30Ltr. These metal dustbin are made using high quality steel, thus are highly corrosion resistant. It is designed for general household waste, garden rubbish, weeds, cardboard, or ideal storage container. All these dustbins are pedal dustbins. They are ideal for outdoors to stop spillages and prevent animals from ripping the rubbish bags.

We also have plastic dustbins in various sizes and designs such as Yellow Dustbin 30-87 L, Grey Dustbins 30-87 and Dustbins with push lids.

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