Extensive Guide: How to get the Best Floor Polisher

Floor polisher is an adaptable floor cleaning machine that works by utilizing rotating brushes or pads to scrub, polish or buff a floor to maintain its appearance.

Floor buffers and floor polishers are typically utilized for cleaning hard floors, such as hardwood, marble and tiles. The rotating brushes move over level surfaces to remove soil and residue dust particles. Floor polishers or buffing machines are available in wide a range of sizes, with different brush speeds to cater for a variety of flooring types and cleaning needs.

For Commercial & Industrial usages such as schools, shops, warehouses, hospitals & factories, larger floor polishers/buffers are used since they can cover large floor areas quickly to minimize disruption in busy areas.

Types of Floor Polisher

The quantity of brushes can vary with floor polishers. A two brush polisher will be lightweight and appropriate for small areas, for example, most private properties can be catered to a three brush medium sized polisher. Same is the case with shop and offices. Larges spaces require bigger polishers for better cleaning outcomes.

Most floor polishers come with multiple accessories, such as a range of brushes to ensure that you have a ‘fit for purpose’ brush for every surface. You may also have the option of buying a shorter or longer handle for the machine, depending on your requirements.

One popular type of floor polisher, particularly for convenience, is the dual purpose floor polisher / scrubber. It’s worth researching if both the polisher and the scrubber components are of a similar quality and specs that you require – ideally this will avoid any disappointment in either the polisher’s or scrubber’s performance.

Advantage of Using Floor Polisher

It is a myth that enhancing floor’s appearance is an expensive exercise requiring money and time. However, cleaning your floor has an immense range of advantages which will build the life expectancy of your floor and decrease the required time between cleans; , in addition to making the floor ‘look great’. Some of the benefits of Floor Polishers are:

  • Keeping your floors cleaner for longer period
  • Minimizing dirt, soil and dampness harm
  • Protecting against surface breaking

Tips when Purchasing a Floor Polisher

Check the warranty given along your floor polisher. Often they offer either a commercial or domestic warranty, so check if it fits your needs.

  • There is a range of technical specifications that you may want to take into account. It ranges from the machine’s power, cable length and weight to the maximum polishing width, brush speed and brush type.
  • Mobility, flexibility and noise levels are often key features for buyers in both domestic and commercial environments.
  • If you’re buying a dual machine such as a polisher: scrubber, you’ll need to check the technical details for the scrubber elements as well.
  • Remember to think about storage. Some floor polishers are compact, easy to store and even fold away. Is this something you need to consider?
  • Who will be using the floor polisher? Do you need a big one or medium sized machine?

For expert advice about the best equipment for your floor cleaning needs, get in touch with our representative. We supply a range of buffers and polishers for all types of floor surface.


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