Why the Dustbin Matters?

Bins are not capable of walking up to you

Although the statement seems like a sarcastic note to some people, it is a reality check that needs to be reinforced time and again.

We all must have experienced this one time or the other; that in the city, you are never more than ten yards from a rat. This may not be true for your case but one thing is for certain. Rubbish bags and unsecured bins are a real menace in urban areas.

The increase in littering around the cities is a worsening problem; paths strewn with litter and household waste are becoming commonplace. It is purely because quite often people’s external bins and dustbins are not up to the job.

Some of us have a dustbin, wheel bin or other waste bin supplied to us by the local authorities. These bins are of good quality in some areas whereas in many situations we find the local authorities trying to save money by supplying poor quality external bins or none at all.

When there are no bins, we see the weekly/daily ritual of bin bags being ripped open by cats and rats continues and the streets, even in some affluent areas, become filthy. Decent outside containers and waste collectors are often neglected by local businesses too and with the amount of waste that some takeaway and fast food places throw away, it causes the problem to increase tenfold.

Get a Dustbin Yourself!

Yes, there is no need to rely on the local authority to supply a good quality external bin or good quality outdoor container. As they are not expensive and are readily available in a multitude of styles, shapes and colors. Not only this, but it is your responsibility as a good citizen to contribute to keeping your area clean.

Choose the style of bin that will suit your requirements, perhaps you need a large hooded waste container or just a traditional pedal dustbin. Whatever style you go for, just make sure its large enough for your requirements.

The next and most important thing to look for is that it should have a good quality lid and is stable enough so that it does not tip over.

The dustbin you choose must be durable so invest in a good quality dustbin which lasts for years.

All in all, as a responsible citizen; it is our job to make sure that we do not pollute our area, throw garbage or dispose our waste in a manner that creates problems for everyone.

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