DIY Car Wash with High Pressure Cleaners

Nilvac Enterprises brings high-pressure cleaners which offer the perfect solution for every cleaning task. Where previously dirt dominated, now there is nothing but cleanliness. We add value to your environment: old becomes new, shabby becomes chic. Passionate engineering, the highest quality requirements and decades of experience in the development of innovative high-pressure cleaners makes this possible. High pressure cleaners are used for cleaning vehicles, buildings, grounds etc. Today we will teach you how to wash your car using a high pressure cleaner.

We offer several and effective high-pressure solutions for cleaning operations. From the PW-C21 to the IPC ECR, the machines are all professional solutions for the cleanliness of every environment.

Cold High-pressure Cleaners

The cold pressure cleaners are like a cold shower for stubborn dirt. They help to clean machines, vehicles and buildings on a daily basis. With pressure and a high flow rate, cold water high-pressure cleaners can also remove stubborn dirt. Ideal for large surface areas.

Hot High-pressure Cleaners

With the new intelligent heating control, high-pressure cleaners clean even better with the same amount of pressure. The machines impress with the highest level of usage comfort and the most up-to-date technology. Very high-performance cleaners which are Ideal for heavy duty use.

Now, today we will help you learn how to DIY your car wash using one of our high-pressure cleaners.

Exterior Cleaning:

  1. First, moisten the vehicle with a layer of detergent to loosen the coarse dirt. Manually spray on rim cleaner if required.
  2. Afterwards, remove the coarse dirt with a high-pressure jet.
  3. Then clean the car with a soft bristled wash brush.
  4. To finish, rinse the car with water and leave it to dry. Anyone who wants to be particularly thorough can also dry the car with a chamois leather.
  5. Any small blemishes or scratches that you notice while cleaning can be touched up using a paint stick.

Important instructions while using the high-pressure cleaner:

  • When cleaning your car, always use the flat jet and not the rotary nozzle.
  • You should keep a minimum distance of 30 cm away from the surface.
  • Always clean from bottom to top so as not to miss anywhere and to make optimal use of the detergent’s effect.

Shine the Rims:

  1. For pre-cleaning, remove any coarse dirt with the high-pressure jet.
  2. With the pressure washer, you can even remove dirt from wheels and rims. Even hard-to-reach areas such as the wheel arch can be cleaned.
  3. Clean the rims with car shampoo and a sponge.
  4. Narrow gaps in rims or between spokes can be thoroughly cleaned using a rim brush. To tackle stubborn dirt, spray rim cleaner onto specific dirty spots.

An interior to feel good in:

  1. If the car is shining on the outside, it’s time to spruce up the interior next.
  2. First, remove all loose mats and carpets from the car and beat the dirt out of them.
  3. Then remove all coarse dirt from the entire interior with a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.
  4. When vacuuming, do not forget any of the crevices or compartments in the car. Use the different nozzle attachments for this.

All in all this is the best way to clean & pamper your car. Get in touch to know the prices & different types of high pressure cleaners available at Nilvac Enterprises.

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