How to buy a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

Whether you run a small business, own a shop, hotel or restaurant, you will need one piece of cleaning equipment i.e. Vacuum Cleaners. By choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your requirements, you can keep your place sparkling & leave a good impression on your customers. It is very important to focus on certain aspects, when you plan to buy a commercial vacuum cleaner:

  • Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaner:

There are several types of vacuum cleaners available that can cater to your particular needs. The dry only vacuum systems are efficient in collecting the tiniest bits of dust particles. Among this you also get vacuums specialized for picking up hazardous material like asbestos. Besides these, there is the wet and dry vacuum cleaner which is unique because of its versatility. It can pick up hard debris, remove fine layers of dust and suck up liquid spills all at once.

  • Design of Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners are available in a range of different designs too. You get straight up, Backpack, cannister vacuums & wide area vacuums.

  • Features/Attributes:

A commercial grade vacuum is generally more durable, powerful, and built for continuous use. For professional cleaning application, commercial vacuums are intended for heavy use and therefore last longer. Not only this, but most commercial units come with a commercial power cord which is helpful for keeping your business within safety guidelines.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners at Nilvac Enterprises:

Nilvac Enterprises is the pioneer in Pakistan for manufacturing domestic as well as industrial vacuum units. We have designed different types of vacuum cleaners using our special combination of knowledge and innovative thinking.

They are affordable, effective and reliable. State of the art, heavy duty, multi-purpose Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaners. They have great suction power and catch the tiniest bit of dust particles with its impeccable motor capacity. They do not require high maintenance cost but deliver a high output. We are proud to bring Industrial Vacuum Cleaners which are hassle-free.

Commercial-Vacuum Cleaner-Dry-only Commercial-Vacuum Cleaner-Wet-&-Dry 2 Commercial-Vacuum Cleaner-Wet-&-Dry

Our vacuum cleaners are ideal for Domestic Uses as well as Industrial application. They work well in Textile Industries for the rapid collection of pieces from Looms, Spinning, Twisting and Carding machines. In Engineering and Pharmaceuticals Industries, it performs excellent job in picking-up wet materials, dry dust, sand, liquid etc. They work well in Automobile industry, Hotels, Hospitals, Cement Industry, Leather factories, and Food Outlets too.


If you feel that you do not understand which vacuum cleaner would work best for you, get in touch. We will help you choose the best commercial vacuum cleaner that caters to your needs.

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